Instructor in canine education

Member of a canine sport association affilated to the French Kennel Club (A.S. Cucq Sport Canin 62 – North of France) since 2002, I started training as a canine education instructor in 2009.
Graduated in 2011, I currently teach collective canine education and “puppy school” (école du chiot®) classes as well as agility. I also do introduction classes in obedience as well as theoritical classes.
In order to specialize and develop my knowledge, I decided to participate in some training courses that you can read about below.


Trainings as trainee

Canine education instructor 1st degree (get in 2011) (2011: Rieulay – North of France)
Puppy school (Ecole du chiot®)
Training for owners (Formations aux maîtres) (several times). These trainings are addressed to categorised dog owners (dogs declared as dangerous) and any of the club-members.


Trainings as trainer

Training for owners (Formations aux maîtres)
– Assessment of CAESC and TAESC, that are certificates that allow to estimate the owner’ capability to train his dog.



Website for the organisation
– Organisation of new training for members: The club only proposed targeted training to categorized dog owners and the project was to create a new training to explain in more details the behavioral development of dogs (theoretical approach essentially).
Co-writing of a booklet about canine eduction for the club-members



– Won 1st rank of the first degree during the agility competition of Etaples-sur-mer (North of France) in 2012.
– Help organizing the competition of the “A.S. Cucq Sport Canin 62″ (two competitions each year)