School projects

Non-confidential manuscripts are available on request. Please, feel free to contact me.


2016 – 2017
Bibliographic project / Engineer project
> Physiological functions of glutathione and other antioxidants and pathological consequences of their disruption
> Supervised by D. Fouques (AgroParisTech) and S. Chédin (CEA)
> Project of 6 month
> Oral presentation to a jury (teacher of AgroParisTech) and to BIOTECH students

Several articles analysis and bibliographic works
> Individual and team works

Acquisition of numerous experimental skills
Manuscript writing according usual article writing rules
> ‘Extraction d’huile essentielle de clou de girofle et analyse des composés aromatiques’ – ‘Extraction of clove essential oil and analysis of aromatic compounds’
Team work with L. Dumond. Supervised by S. Baumberger, C. Lapierre, D. Fouques, Y. Gohon
> ‘Le 4-chlororésorcinol, inhibiteur compétitif de la polyphenoloxydase de pomme impliquée dans le brunissement du fruit’ – ‘The 4-chlororesorcinol, competitive inhibitor of the apple polyphenoloxydase implicated in the browning of the fruit’
Team work with M. Beaujean. Supervised by Y. Gohon.
> ‘Intérêt de l’immobilisation de l’invertase de Saccharomyces cerevisiae’ – ‘Interest of the immobilization of invertase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae’
Team work with L. Dumond. Supervised by P-H. Benetti, D. Fouques and Y. Gohon
> ‘La lactoferrine bovine provoque une diminution dose-dépendante de la réponse immunitaire induite par LPS chez les macrophages Raw264.7’ – ‘The lactoferrin induce a dose-dependent diminution of the LPS-induced immune response in macrophages Raw264.7’
Team work with M. Beaujean. Supervised by A. Lan.
> ‘Un réarrangement du cytosquelette d’actine est induit par l’interaction de la protéine virale VP4 avec l’actine’ – ‘A reorganisation of the actine cytoskeleton is induced by the interaction between the viral protein VP4 with actine’
Team work with M. Beaujean. Supervised by S. d’Andréa
> Writing of manuscripts about ‘Cloning, expression in Escherichia coli and purification of fluorescent proteins’.
Team work with L. Sautet, O. Harlé, N. Carlier
> Work of demonstration and characterization of the antimicrobial activity of the nisine.
Team work with E. Coppens, M. Beaujean and L. Dumond.
> Work on modelisation and leading of fermentation.
Team work with E. Coppens.

Several oral presentations
> Individual and team works
> Presentation of innovative technologies and industries
Personal works and team works with E. Coppens, X. Tatin, P. Busnot L. Dumond and/or A. Poirot.


Agrocampus Ouest

Leading of innovative project
>‘Faut-il remettre des matières grasses laitières et du cholestérol dans les formula infantiles ?’ – ‘Should we re-introduce fat and cholesterol in infant formula?’
> Collaborative work with Lactalis
> Supervised by V. Rioux and C. Garcia, Biochemistry and Human Nutrition Laboratory, Agrocampus – French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Rennes, France
> 6 months work including scientific biobliographic researches and proposition of a new infant formula composition. A study of feasibility and a study about the perception of infant formula by healthcare professionnals were also performed.
> Team work with 11 persons: C. Chemin, C. Dine, M. Franc, C. Lacour, O. Louzoune, M. Poirot, P. Sabrou, M. Sassi, L. Sellem, P. Turlot and A. Yaich

Statistical analysis project
>‘Les Français et le sentiment de bonheur … Quelles sont les valeurs partagées par les gens heureux ?’ – ‘French people and feeling of happiness… What are the values shared by happy people?’
> Work on a database from the European Social Survey
> Team work with C. Houise and E. Demoly

Courses of health-applied biology
> Laboratory work
> Training in article writing. Written manuscripts:
‘Purification and characterization of mammal liver Xanthine Oxidase’
‘Effect of diet on the lipid composition of rat liver: ω3-enriched diet induces reduction of lipid synthesis and high levels of ω3 in liver rats’
> Supervised by V. Rioux, F. Pédrono and C. Garcia, Biochemistry and Human Nutrition Laboratory, Agrocampus – French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Rennes, France
> Team work with O. Louzoune

Several Articles analysis
> Reports and oral presentations
> Articles about molecular and cell sciences
> Individual and team works


2014 – 2015
Statistical analysis project
>‘Prévision des rendements d’une culture de blé’ – ‘Yield production of a wheat crop’
> Work on a database from the Vegetable Production Science department (Agrocampus Ouest – INRA)
> Team work with C. Houise

Learning of scientific process
> ‘Does size at birth matter?’
> Bibliographic work on the project ‘Heterogeneity vs. homogeneity of size within the litters: interests and limits’;
> Research and statistical work on a database from the Animal Production Science department (Agrocampus Ouest – INRA) in the aim to answer the question ‘Is the farming working penalized by the weak animals at birth?’. Database obtained by:
– Monitoring of 129 cows from birth to second insemination
– Monitoring of 1200 pigs from birth to the slaughterhouse
> Team work (8 persons)

– Case study
> ‘Les antibiotiques. Peut-on les éviter ? Doit-on ?’ – ‘Antibiotics in farming management. Could we avoid them? Should we?’
> Bibliographic research and oral presentation
> Team work (10 persons)


Lycée Faidherbe

2013 – 2014
TIPE (Supervised Personal Initiative Project)
> ‘Echanges et transferts de sels minéraux au sein d’un estuaire et de son écosystème’ – ‘Exchange and transfer of mineral salts within an estuary and its ecosystem’
> Team work with C. Desmulie and M. Suprin

Matlab based projects:
> Wilcoxon rank sum test
>‘Jeu des pavés’ (game)
> Team work with C. Desmulie


2012 – 2013
> ‘Invariances et similitudes dans le mode de propagation de l’Azolla fuliculoides, une plante invasive’ – ‘Invariances and similitudes in the spreading’s way of an invasive plant: the Azolla fuliculoides
> Team work with S. Marie-Louise, S. Vanhersen and C. Rancon
Matlab based projects:
> ‘Simulation de l’évacuation d’une salle de cinéma’ – ‘Simulation of the evacuation of a cinema’
> ‘Passage de signaux à travers des filtres’ – ‘Passage of signals through filters’ (physical modelling)


2011 – 2012
>’Le déplacement des téléostéens en lien avec le fonctionnement de leur vessie natatoire’ – ‘The moving of the teleostei in relation to the working of their swim bladder’
> Common work with A. Hanon and C. Rigot